Create Latest Buzz in Social Media with Facebook Graph Search

The announcement of Facebook Graph Search has had bombinated the world of social media with predictions and rumors. The world’s largest networking site has finally found a use for the downpour of data they have saved over the years. Similar to the Google Knowledge Graph, the Facebook Graph Search works on a basis of linking, from one piece of data to another.

To make sense of the deluge of social data collected by the social giant, the creators of Graph Search at Facebook have branched all data into four categories including Photos (with videos), People, Places and Interests.

The Graph Search has been made more advanced as compared to the search bar offered currently by Facebook and provides highly precise search results. It means you can find places, people and things in a whole new way!Whilst there are many top-quality how-to guides out there, we at iSearch Solution are much more concerned what does the new feature or tool mean to businesses and how they can best utilize this new search tool to its full potential and connect with their prospects on a more refined way.

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

The first and foremost thing to note down would be the fact that the social platform Facebook offers a number of paid services for promoters that feature higher demographic mapping potentialities. So the data is available there, but it is available for a price. The highly developed Graph Search conversely, could represent that marketers are at least able to find their audiences for free of charge.

The contrast between the social search efforts performed by Google and Facebook, is the fact that the social giant has already done all of its groundwork, Facebook has its open graph overflowed with social information & more notably social search queries. Google in contrast, is coming at it from different way and is starting to collect the type of information that the facebook developers have collected for years.

Another point to be taken into account from the viewpoint of a brand is firstly, the Facebook Graph Search cannot be somebody logged in as a brand page, in order to perform search, it has to be a personal account.

Brand should also be aware that there may be a social SEO element that comes into play, for instance if someone likes to search for a restaurant, then the top spot of search will be more likely to reserved for the restaurant that has more ‘Likes’ within the locality or city radius.

It seems that the SEO efforts of the brands will be comparatively simplistic, if they follow the Edgerank algorithm of Facebook.