Ensure Following these Tips before Exercising Marketing Analytics

Analytics is one of the significant words, which gets used in cyberspace, frequently as encyclopedic. As dealer and marketers, we comprehend the significance of having web-analytics setup and constantly work with the data as well as information as a part of our day by day activities. Generally, we spend a major amount of our time focused on web analytics and site metrics reports. We also know the performance of our site from technical prospective & also comprehend how it generates revenues.

marketing analytics

marketing analytics


But, have you though what would you do if analytics aren’t sufficient?

Over the few months, growth of an equally relevant piece of enigma has been seen and that is marketing analytics. You might be thinking, what does it stand for, and how it will affect your marketing strategy? Let’s have a look.

Marketing analytics is the optimization as well as measurement of your entire marketing activities. Rather than just focusing on the performance of your website, you pay attention on how your promotional strategies are performing & alter them accordingly. This practice goes further than the onsite indicators plus bends on other tools, offline efforts and even offsite metrics. It involves a whole-image concept to the measurement of your advertising.

Advertising analytics assists us to see how everything is co-related and decide how you want to invest going ahead. Re-prioritizing how you build your team, spend your time & the resources you invest in networks & efforts are some of the critical steps to accomplishing marketing side success.

How can you get started with this concept?

The foremost condition is to analyze how your marketing activities are performing. If you adhere to web analytics, means you are not able to maximize the focal range of your site’s results. But with Web Analytics Services you will be able to take a broad angle-view.

Rather than just reporting your time on site, visitors count, and conversions, you must also focus on other factors like offsite activities and conventional KPI-driven outcomes like comments, conversations & shares.


Competitive analysis, sounds so funny, but is significant to fuel your marketing activities. There is hardly any marketer who gets time for it. Apart from performance, we require to be attentive of where our competitors are putting their time and what they are testing. It needs us to jump out of the range of software & tools and turn into observers.
This competitive layer will add color to your overall performance research. Now you can come across your standing in the market and can do needful amendments.

Apart from these there are so many other considerations that need to be watched carefully when tracking your success. What would be the long-term quality of loss and gains? And how those short-range wins turn into loyalty as well as continuing engagement? Marketing analytics stresses more on the overall act of our activities and effort and in many ways we can use them to improve those acts.

While going through all these facts, we realize that marketing analytics is critical for success, but it doesn’t mean you should replace your web analytics. You need both for successful marketing campaigns.

The evolvement of marketing analytics is boon for online marketers in near future.