9 Killer Tips to Boost Traffic through Google+

Reportedly above 500 million users socially interact with any Google products, but not every business has got active audience on Google+.

They key differentiating part of Google+ is that, it offers marketers a golden opportunity to interact, engage with visitors beyond the direct social visits through many touch points, together with YouTube & straightforwardly in search results.

It simply means for audience who get in touch with your brand through Google+ adds to your potential traffic channels.

If you want to let this method work for you, just focus on engaging them more and more.

Let’s talk about Facebook and Twitter. The experts with profiles on these two social media giants know the technique very well to engage their audience. Engagement with Google requires a new set of techniques & best practices, which expert brands lack and miss the opportunity to draw more visitors.

Supercharge your Google+ engagement with these out-of-the-box tips:Google+ SMO

Include Headlines, Every time you post: The more you catch the attention of users, the more likely they’re to connect. But the daunting task is to be obvious in the crowd.

The foremost thing is to know that unlike other social sites, Google+ posts are akin to mini blog postings. Each post needs a catchy headline. How Google uses the first words of your post?

• Google includes your headline into the title tag
• The headline in Google post is similar to the one it displays in Google search results

Add right headline to surpass others in search results. The ultimate mantra here is to use a headline every time.

Grab attention through perfect formatting: To make your post appear simple and readable, easily breakup your bulks of texts with formatting. Formatting lets you converse clearly & make your texts reachable.

Use your words smartly: Google+ lets you post both visual and textual posts, so make every post count!

Don’t be sacred of creating long posts. Rather than just posting a link to your latest blog posts, add a summary of its important points. For example:

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A few minutes of jotting down may attract thousands of additional eyeballs on your posts.

Use images too: Animated GIF and simple images attract audience most. By default Google plus tries to insert an image for any URL, which is shared by you. Unless you determine your right Open Graph image as well as suitable social meta tags, the images included aren’t often perfect.

While uploading your own image, it links to the full-size version. So contain a link to the URL in the text.

Choose smart sharing: Many of the companies and even people think keeping their posts to ‘public’ will get them more visibility. But there is yet another effective way to gain exposure. By adding your circle & select people to sharing setting you can share your posts directly with them. But be careful and don’t always stick to this sort of sharing as it may turn your posts spammy.

The one and only #hashtag: Using hastags on Facebook and Twitter is a different thing while using it on Google+ is another. The use of hashtags in Google+ goes through a semantic analysis to check the relationship between topics.

Take advantage of Google+ comments: Similar to Facebook’s poular commenting plugin, Google+ comments can also be embedded in your blog. The best part is that you can share your post to the followers of visitors who commented on your posts.

+Post Ads- effective in long run: The +Post Ads of Google offer an interesting platform to take your most successful posts and turn them into ads, which will be shown on massive display network of Google.

This will help your post reach a wide network of audience that will boost social sharing. The sharing can continue even after the paid advertising is over.

Interactive posts: Interactive Google+ posts are excellent ways to prompt social audience to take a particular action. It allows you to perfectly personalize your content. Here is an impressive list of actions that Google maintains: Watch a video, Reserve a table at a restaurant, Sign up for a newsletter, Open an app and many more.