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Google Bomb: The new weapon in the armory of black hat SEO’s?

The best part of being associated with the search engines (SEO) and Internet marketing today is, it keeps you bewildered with the innovativeness inherent in the people associated with this industry. Innovativeness undoubtedly, is a double edged sword, it can work both ways. The development of search engines or the contextual advertisement techniques are innovations meant to make things easier. And, the hackers who too are part of the same tribe use their intellect in the opposite direction. Of the new inclusions in the lingo of this tribe of talented individuals is the Google bomb! But what exactly is it? Let’s try and understand the same…

What is Google Bomb?

Google Bomb also known as Google Wash is a black hat technique meant to influence the Google rankings of a website. Technically speaking Google Bombing is activated when multiple websites use the same anchor text to pointing towards a single website. That’s why Google Bomb can be termed as an unfair way to influence the search results and relative ranking of a website in the SERP rankings.

When did Google Bomb start?

The origin of this technique is relatively unknown but it actually came to the forefront when the most famous bombs became apparent. It took place in 2004 against U.S President George W. Bush when he was standing for re-election. People who were not favoring his re-election linked his biography by large number of back links using “miserable failure” as text. And the result was astounding! Any person keying in the text “miserable failure” in Google search box will witness that the biography of George Bush is at No. 1 on the Google SERP.

How does it work?

In retrospect it can be safely mentioned that Google bomb is very easy to activate. However, the legality and the ethics of doing the same need to be understood; it can never be termed as something an ethical SEO would do.

The technique:
Now the catch!

Google is not sleeping over this problem. It has launched the Google Bomb detection Algorithm which works as a preventive measure. What it exactly does is that it minutely scrutinizes the quality and quantity of back links. So bombing someone as of today is not easy!

Personally, I would term it as a completely negative approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and as per my opinion, serious SEO’s should stay away from even attempting such techniques. After all, do you want to be at the wrong side of fence… when it comes to Google?

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