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Now onwards our payment gateway integration services will simplify for you the process of receiving payments through a choice of payment methods. With our years of experience in the integration of known payment gateways, we facilitate end-to-end solutions right from letting you to pick the desired service provider to the seamless integration of the services.

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Our payment gateway solutions will help you make real time financial transactions in a scalable, flexible, safe and secure environment. We employ hardware and software encryption to provide added layer of security to your sensitive information such as credit card numbers to ensure that the financially important information passes between you and your clients in a perfectly secure manner.

How does a payment gateway work? As the customer places an order, the information is captured and transmitted to the merchant’s server in encrypted form like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and then forwarded to the payment gateway.

The payment gateway transmits the information to the server of concerned bank.

Acquiring bank of the merchant passes the information to the bank of the customer.

The card issuing bank of the customer sends response to payment gateway detailing whether the transactions is approved or declined.

In case the transaction is declined, the reason for the same is conveyed by the issuing bank to the customer and merchant. Payment gateway forwards the response to the merchant’s server.

Merchant’s server encrypts the information and relays it to the customer to let him know the status of his order. The entire process takes just a few seconds.

Finally, the card issuing bank of the customer deposits the amount in the acquiring bank account of the merchant at the end of the day.

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