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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting allows you to lease a full server for your business websites whose resources will not be shared by any other website. Dedicated servers are often housed in data centers and you have the choice to choose your operating system and hardware configuration. Dedicated server is most appropriate for the websites witnessing large volume of traffic as you get the benefit of enhanced performance, control, security and stability.

Following server managed supports are offered to the dedicated server clients:

Fully managed: You are completely hands off as all server management including rebooting of the operation system, software updates, security etc. will be taken care by our system administrators.

Managed: Medium level of server management will be offered by us with limited support and you will be allowed to perform some specific tasks.

Self managed: Regular monitoring will be done by us while you will be managing most of the tasks yourself.

Unmanaged: You will be taking care of security patches, up-gradation and maintenance concerns yourself.

Uptime with speed and security

We offer higher bandwidth, custom configuration and price matching packages to provide you 99% uptime with high speed and flawless security.

Advantage of dedicated hosting: Scalability

As your business grows and you have more people visiting your website, you can upgrade to the needed package to provide flawless service to your customers.


Since no other website resides on your dedicated server, you have the flexibility to choose your own hardware, operating system, bandwidth and other variables.


More websites residing on a server means more variables that enhance the chances of something going wrong somewhere. Since only the applications you require will be uploaded on your dedicated server, it is generally more secure.

Better quality of service

Since you hire the entire server, you become a valuable customer for the company and hence get quick attention to your problems which will be resolved promptly.

High traffic websites

Since only your website will be hosted on the server, its full bandwidth and resources will be available to you and your website will be easily accessible by the visitors even if a large number of people are trying to access it at a given time.

We offer dedicated web hosting services to the clients. Different packages are available as per individual requirements of the entrepreneurs. We offer the following services under our dedicated hosting packages:

Get the full advantage of our value added services for powerful ecommerce solutions for your venture.

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Dedicated Web Server
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