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Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns allow you to reach out to your customers beyond your fan page. However, often Facebook advertisers commit mistakes that make Facebook rich and the marketers drained out of their money. It requires a certain level of understanding and expertise on the part of Facebook campaign managers to carry out successful ad campaigns on this most popular social networking site. Here are some tips that the advertisers must keep in mind while carrying out Facebook ad campaigns:

Compelling call to action:

Users visit Facebook to socialize and it is a tricky and difficult task to make them click on your call to action button unless there is a sense of urgency and encouragement in your ads. Our experts will do this difficult job on your behalf to encourage your visitors to click on your ads.

Social ads:

People respond to these ads quite often and promptly. Social ads are found to perform up to 3 times better than their traditional counterparts as they get more publicity by word of mouth.

Value proposition:

There should be a value proposition in your ads for the visitors in the form of discounts, free trials, limited time offers, events etc. that will keep them engaged and interested in your advertisements.

Re-engage your audience:

Re-engage your existing fans in wonderful ways to enhance the overall visibility of your Facebook fan page.


Make sure that the content of your ads is relevant to your target audience else they will soon lose interest in your ads.

CPM vs. CPC: which one matters and how?

You need to measure the performance of your advertisements on the basis on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) that have the lowest cost per click (CPC) rate. Using CPM as criteria instead of the traditional CPC would help you figure out which ad campaigns performed best per you in minimum cost.

Set your goals

We will set a clear goal for your Facebook ad campaigns and devise our strategies accordingly as you cannot measure the performance of our campaigns if you do not have clear goals against which to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Your goal could be to increase your sales, get more likes, enhance user engagement or you may just want to get your brand name out there for everyone to recognize it.

Measureable results:

We will deliver you timely reports to measure the performance of our Facebook ad campaigns to keep you updated about our success rate. The reports will have the details of following:


Click through rate is the ratio of number of times the ad was clicked to the number of impressions.


How many people performed the action for which the ad was primarily created?


How many clicks the ad got through likes or the call to action buttons?


How many times your ad has been seen by a visitor?


It is the number of people who actually clicked on call to action button.

Cost per Conversion:

You get to know how much it costs you to get a new Facebook fan.

Contact us today to get the most out of your Facebook fan followings through our effective ad campaigns.

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