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Image Management

How important is your online image for business?

Keeping all the people happy all the time is a daunting task and even established brands find it difficult at times to keep their positive online image all the time. Why should it be a big concern at the first place? The reason is that happy customers are usually quiet customers. If you entertain a thousand customers in a day and two do not happen to be satisfied with your product or service, the chances are that those two disgruntled customers will be very vocal about their experience on online forums, social networking sites, and word of mouth negative publicity or in peer references.

Most of the time the reasons for dissatisfaction are beyond your control but the damage to your online image is done within minutes with no real reason at all. Even though negative comments and reviews are generally unwarranted, they have the potential of eroding your customer base and lower down your sales.

First impression is the last impression

The old saying is very much true for online image management. If the customer has negative perception about your products, brand or services, the chances are that he/she will keep that perception in mind for long unless you take some proactive steps to change that perception. Our experts are apt to maintain your positive online image and will be very proactive in maintaining and repairing any damage done to your online image by your competitors or dissatisfied customers.

As part of our online image management methodology, we will do the following for you:

Cross network analysis

We will analyze your brand’s profile on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to check if there are inconsistencies in the information that you have provided about you brand and will take steps to eliminate them. We will check the tone of your content for consistency of style, appropriateness and completeness of profile.

Regular updates

Weekly report will be mailed to you about the activities related to your online image done on various social networks and forums so that corrective measures could be initiated to repair any damage to your online image in good time.

Social alerts

We will keep a watch on Google and Yahoo Alerts about what people are saying about your brand in public forums and social networks. We will also examine the industry specific websites and use our customized RSS feeders to know the specifics of these social interactions to keep a watch on your brand’s image. We will take proactive and reactive measures to restore your online image at the quickest possible.

Media formats

We will make use of a variety of media formats including social networking sites, rip off reports, and search engine results to restore your online image. Negative reviews posted on various sites will be countered by providing credible and factual information to the readers.

Measures like forum participation, blog postings, PPC campaigns; Online PR, keyword optimized article submission etc. will be taken by our online image management experts to restore your credibility to your target audience at the earliest possible.

Google – The reputation engine

Google is not merely a search engine; it is a reputation engine too. You are as good as people know you through Google. World Wide Web is the breeding ground for the competitors and disgruntled former employees to vocalize their negative comments about your brand. It is very important for you to know how your brand is being projected on Google, is it ranking for negative keywords instead of the positive ones? Our experts will defend your online image and reputation by pushing down negative comments in search engine result pages and projecting your positive image on various online and offline platforms.

Consult our online image management specialists today to present your positive brand image to the people that matter you the most.

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