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Online PR

Online public relations require a thorough understanding of social media, communication with bloggers and the dynamics of search engine optimization (SEO). It includes strategies to positively influence social media and online communities. Reputation management is one of the key ingredients of online PR strategy. Besides this, one should also be vigilant of what people are saying about your brand in discussion forums, review sites, blogs and other online channels.

Following are for three key elements of online PR strategy

Observe : You need to sense the buzz how your brand is being perceived by your target audience in particular and public in general

Interact: Open communication channels with the key influencers to change the perception of your brand

Optimize: Develop strategies to keep negative comments off top search engine results and enhance the ranking of your site

Create Content: You need to develop positive content in the form of blogs, press releases, tweets, videos and viral games

Why online PR is important?

For most of the internet users, you are as good as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing present you. Your potential customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and even your employees would be interested to know about your perception and presence in the online world. If some searches your company name or services and gets the negative reviews and feedback on top pages, it will harm your reputation and business both.

Reverse SEO becomes significant in such cases that will help push off negative comments about your brand from the top results of searched items. There is a lot more to online PR and you need to adopt proactive and reactive strategies to connect positively and happily with your customers.

Our online PR services would include:

Our online PR specialists will help improve your brand image and relationship with the online communities and internet users. There is a lot of difference between offline and online PR. While in the former case, you can manage with your in house PR department or hire a PR consultancy, the online public relation puts more emphasis on SEO and you also need to develop blogging strategies, interactive media releases, e-newsletters, etc. Our experts will strive to ensure that you have a consistent and positive image not only for your customers but also for your vendors and employees.

Newsgroups and message boards

This is the place you need to spend most of your time on the busiest boards as you will get maximum exposure here. Provide valuable insights to the queries of people and also seek advice.

Expert opinion: You need to be an expert on the topic of discussion on social forums. If you provide expert opinion, people will approach you rather than you approaching them. Our online PR experts will assist you to get noticed on the busiest online corporate forums.

Profile: Your Company’s profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogspot, MySpace, etc. will help you connect with the key influences of the industry. You need to keep your profile current to improve its ranking from SEO point of view.

Avoid too much publicity: Even if you have a lot to share with your audience, never adopt a shotgun blast approach. Never submit press releases daily and always keep something for the next releases. Provide the information that the reader seeks and optimize your PR for keywords to make it search engine friendly.

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