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SEO Penalty Recovery

If you notice unexplained and sudden dip in the traffic on your carefully optimized website then you have reasons to infer that it has been penalized by Google. However, it is not always true. Whenever there is sudden fall in keyword rankings, Google penalties are often incorrectly blamed. The fact is that whenever there is an algorithmic update by Google, there are always the winners and losers. Do not suspect a Google penalty right away unless there is extreme drop in traffic or non-paid searches.

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Checks to test the penalty

Your website may be penalized due to some of the below reasons:

  • It may have links from the sites that are banned by Google
  • Your site may be linked to bad neighborhoods
  • Your site may have over optimization issues
  • You websites may have extensive optimized interlinking
  • There could be duplicate content on your web pagess
  • There could be hidden text and links on the site
  • There could be excessive reciprocal linking on your site
  • And more other issues that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines

Humans vs. Search Engines

Your site should have links for social sharing that helps Google understand that your content is liked by human readers and is not merely stuffed with keywords to make the search engines happy.

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