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Social Search

Social Search ServicesSocial search implies to the form of web search which is done on the basis of Social Graph of the user searching a particular item on the internet. Social search results are highly influenced by the content created or touched by the users in the social graph which are in stark contrast to the results got by the traditional algorithm based strategies of search engines in which more emphasize is given to the linking of the documents and to the analysis of the on-page text. Social search combines regular algorithmic search results with those created through the social media activities done by your friends in online communities and social networks. Search engines like Google fetch data from your G Talk friends list, Google Reader, Twitter, Google Account, Buzz, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Contacts etc.

There are a myriad of ways available to consumers today through which they can instantly share their experience about your brand and business to the online community. Micro-blogging, videos clips, product reviews and status updates are some of the methods adopted by netizens today through which they impact the individuals in their circle with their own perception of your brand and its values.

Live social

We at best SEO company help you not only do and act social, but live social as well. Google has changed its strategies to provide you more personalized results. Now all those who are in your social circles have direct effect on your search results. Social buzz about your brand by way of word of mouth publicity, content, links and videos sharing etc. helps get you more natural links and qualified traffic. By spreading socially targeted content on your site, we endeavor to make it more relevant for the interested individuals.

Strengthen your social connections

It has now become all the more important for businesses to strengthen the social connections as search engines are placing more emphasis on personalized search results. With right set of tools and expertise, you can enhance the visibility of your brand in social circles and online communities that are most important for your business growth. We work to optimize your digital assets for maximum exposure to your target audience. We also strive to exert considerable influence on the digital assets that are earned by you to maximize your online visibility.

Turn your consumer intent into actions

Marketers now have new avenues available to them through which they can engage with their target audience in newer exciting ways. All that you need to do is to turn the intent of the users into actions so that you can turn them into your valued customers. We at iSearch Solution have tools and techniques to make the social search results work wonders for you and your business.

Our social search services

The gamut of our social search services include:

Benefits of Social Search

Social search has several benefits over the traditional algorithmic search due to its integration with human inputs. Few of them are listed below:

Enter iSearch Solution. We take an innovative approach to social search rankings by helping you achieve the measurable results through our innovative techniques.

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