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Web Usability – Best practices and principles

Web Usability is defined as the potential of a website to return value to its users as quickly and easily as possible. It is not limited only to make your interface smart; but also encompasses improvements in design, information architecture, quality assurance and content presentation.

Improving the usability of a website directly translates into enhanced user satisfaction, increased returns on investment (ROI) and less number of customer errors. Web usability may be quantified and measured in terms of saved time, increased productivity and ROI. Our usability consultants work in sync with designers and developers from the start to develop user centered design (UCD) of the site. By adding elements of delight (for example, shortcuts) to the user interactions, our experts provide an enjoyable experience to the users by making it easier for them to complete their tasks in minimum possible clicks.

Purpose of our usability review is to minimize user errors and increase productivity. Just like an architect for brick and mortar structure has to take care of aesthetics and structural integrity, an information architect needs to create concise navigation schemes that are possessive of descriptive information scents to provide easy accessibility to the users.

Web usability testing - The iSearch Solution approach Prime focus of our Web Usability testing activities is on easy accessibility of your website and web pages. In fact, federal laws in the US consider difficultly accessible websites as a disability, and mandate that federal websites must conform to Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Our usability experts therefore emphasize on the “Universal Access Design (UAD)”approach of the website. The design calls for development of features that are usable by almost everyone, regardless of age or any requirement for special adaptations for accessibility. Development of a barrier-free universal access design not only increases the involvement of the users with your website, but it is also a generally good business practice.

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Usability tools for better conversions We understand that users are generally impatient and have low tolerance. If they will not find the desired information in few clicks, or if your web pages take more than 10 seconds to download, they are gone. Our web usability tools make navigation easy for the users and ensure that they have minimum use of “Help” button or reference manuals. We make usability related changes keeping the convenience of end user in focus to provide him/her a great experience whenever he/she interacts with your site.

Research has shown that conversion rate of an average website could be enhanced from 2 percent to 15 percent with the usage of good usability features. We devise our all strategies keeping visitor’s comfort in mind. Care for your users, they will care for you too!

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